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Clinic Reception

The reception to the clinic is brightly lit and provides a space for communication.


Examination Room

The examination room is semi-divided so that patients can relax and not worry about others.


Sanitary Environmrnt

There is an effort to keep the clinic as clean as possible. Aroma is spread throughout the clinic leaving out the distinct smell related to dental clinics.

Digital X-Ray machine

Digital X-Ray

Compared to normal X-Ray machines, the Digital X-Ray machine used at the clinic emits 1/10th the normal amount of radiation. The images taken are quickly displayed on the monitor which allows the patient to receive explanations immediately and greatly cuts down on waiting time.

Chief Director, Dental Practitioner
Fumihiko Kimura
On Wednesday, Thursday
There is an interesting question that concerns what bricklayers think about as they build houses. Some bricklayers admit to growing weary and bored with their day-to-day work. Others say they rise to the daily challenge, invigorated by images of how the family ordering the home will enjoy happy meals together when the work is complete. Equating this example to our work here, we constantly strive to place ourselves in the position of our patients. More importantly, we proceed from the premise that this is not a one-time visit, and that patients will continue to choose us over the long term as well. From that perspective, we regard the work of treating a single tooth as the first step, in an extended process, leading to greater happiness and comfort for the patient over the years to come.

This commitment is also reflected in our name -- ONE LOVE DENTAL CLINIC. Simply stated, it is our sincere hope that each and every patient completing treatment at our facility leaves us in a happy and satisfied state of mind – feeling healthy and able to fully enjoy his or her food and daily life.
● Graduate of Yokosuka Prefectural High School, Kanagawa, Japan.
● Graduates from Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 2002. Goes on to complete implant training course at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
● Earns certification as implant physician using the products of the ITI Straumann company.
● Lecturer, Implant Division, Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Dental Treatment Research Society.
● Invisalign (invisible braces) Doctor
Affiliated Academic Societies
● Anti-Aging Society
● Special Lecturer, Jinaikai Association Doctor Group Training Program
● Japan Prosthodontic Society
● Completed Continuing Dental Education (CDE) programs at Tokyo Medical and Dental University (whitening, periodontal, implant procedures)

Koichi Hidaka
DDS PhD Anti-aging society
HI everyone! If you have any problem of your mouth, please let me know!
Shigekazu Kurosaki
DDS General
I try to treat patients very carefully. If you are afraid of dental treatment, please let me know.

Mai Kitamura
DDS Perio department of Tokyo Medical and Dental University
HI everyone If you have any problem of your gum, please let me know.
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