General Dentistry/Implants/Aesthetic Dentistry/Orthodontic Dentistry/Pediatric Dentistry


    All Ceramic
 A combination of strength and beauty.
    Metal Bond Ceramic
 Recommended for areas which require extra strength such as molars.
    Zirconia crown
 A little bit of plastic is mixed in with the ceramic.
    Gold crown
 Recommended for areas which require extra strength.
    Composite crown
 For those who want to whiten their teeth for a reasonable price.
    E-max Ceramic ¥85000
    Gold ¥85000
    Zirconia ¥85000
    Composite ¥61000
Whitening Treatment
    In-office bleaching
 Treatment which requires only one or two visit to the clinic. After a whitening session you can follow up at home.
    At-home bleaching (Top and Bottom rows)
 Whitening that can be done at home.
    Whitening a tooth with no nerves (one tooth only)
 Whiten single teeth that have changed color. Need to have 2-3 sessions
    Gum bleaching
 Whiten gums which have darkened due to cigarette melanin and smoke.
Removable dentures
    Full Denture (metal base)
 Thin but solid dentures made of a titanium or cobalt base.
    Partial denture (metal base) ¥220000〜303000
    Resin-based with gold Mesh Dentures
 This denture includes a beautiful gold lining.
    Dream Dentures (non-clasp)
 Aesthetic dentures where the springs are hidden when you open your mouth.
    Magnetic Attachment (Mag-Fit)
 Dentures which are stabilized with a magnet
Implant Treatment
    Pre CT Screening (when required)
 Coordinated with the All Smile Dental Clinic(brunch clinic near-by)
    Implant Operation per tooth
 Using a famous Implant system (Straumann or Astra Tech )
    Second Operation ¥6100~13000
    Creating a Tooth Mold
    Super Structure per tooth
 Porcelain crown over the implant
Regular Treatment
    Oral evaluation
 Check up including periodontal examination
    Prophylaxis adult (over 13yrs old)
 A regularly scheduled checkup to avoid cavities and diseases related to the teeth.
    Prophylaxis child (under 12 yrs old)
 A regularly scheduled checkup to avoid cavities and diseases related to the teeth.
    Cavity treatment
 Remove the cavity and fill the resin-based composite
    Fluoride Application
 A program to prevent cavities.

*All prices include tax
*Health insurance treatments covered
*Credit cards can be used for payment


Are you aware that dental treatments are part of the medical expense deduction program? If you have paid for treatment for your family or yourself, you are eligible to receive a deduction. Payments which are eligible for the program are:
*For patients with an income fewer than 2 million yen for the year you received your treatment, 5% of your income amount will be deducted. For patients who must commute to the clinic: transportation costs to and from the clinic are eligible for the deduction as well so please keep all receipts involved with your treatment.

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