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Aesthetic dentistry goes one step beyond the treatment of tooth decay, periodontal disease, the efforts to cure oral problems and other aspects of conventional dentistry. The driving goal in the aesthetics field is to help develop and maintain beautiful and healthy teeth and smiles. In recent years, more and more people are opting for aesthetic dental treatment out of concern that their silver-crowned teeth will stand out when they smile, poor dental alignment makes it difficult to openly smile and laugh and for other personal reasons.
Professional Cleaning(PMTC)

Restoring Essential Whiteness and Sparkle to Teeth

Despite the best of intentions to correctly brush your teeth everyday, there will inevitably be a certain buildup of grime and yellow staining. At our clinic, we offer thorough cleaning services on the strength of highly professional skills and cutting-edge equipment, boldly striving to restore the inherent sparkle to your teeth. These cleaning sessions are also quite effective in removing the tar and stains from the teeth of smokers.
ersons wishing to remove stains, discoloration and cigarette tar from their teeth.
From ¥3,700 (with insurance coverage)
Generally 1 to 2 appointments

Restoring the Whiteness of Teeth with the Effects of Drugs and Light

Whitening therapy may be broadly divided into the “office whitening” and “home cleaning” approaches.
Office whitening is the method of applying highly concentrated gel to the teeth during a clinic visit, in order to achieve whitening with a single session. While the approach is effective for patients who are in a rush to whiten their teeth or who don’t want to be bothered with home cleaning treatment, there will be relapses in discoloration over time.
With home whitening, we take molds of your teeth and build a special type of mouthpiece. At home, you place whitening gel in the mouthpiece and wear it. The teeth grow steadily white after a week or so, and there is little relapse in coloration. Patients wishing to repeat the treatment need only purchase more gel, and then continue the program until their teeth reach the desired whiteness. At our clinic, we particularly recommend the “dual whitening” approach – a combination of the office and home treatments.

Use of “Tion” – the Latest Advance in Powerful Light Whitening

“Tion” is a whitening therapy developed in the Japan, the global leader in the whitening field. It uses metal halide (ultraviolet rays) to get the job done. The approach generally involves 2 to 3 office appointments (about 60 minutes each), making it possible to brighten your teeth by 3 to 6 levels. With the office whitening program at our clinic, the use of Tion offers fast and highly effective whitening results.
- Those who want good effects in a single session, and don’t have the time for home treatment
→ Office whitening (¥54,000).
- Those with time to spare, and the desire to continue the treatment until reaching full satisfaction
→ Home whitening (¥37,000)
- Dual whitening (office + home)¥85,000
- Gel replacement (¥2,500~3,000/tube)
- Office whitening → About 90 minutes per session
- Home whitening → Around 2 weeks (2 appointments + home therapy)
Gum Whitening

For gums darkened by tobacco or other causes

A special medicinal preparation is applied to accelerate the removal of melanin pigment buildup on the gums from tobacco or other sources. The gums turn white at first, with that layer peeling off after about a week to reveal fresh pink-colored gums.

Persons who want to restore discolored gums to the original state.
Around ¥25,000
Generally 1 to 2 appointments
Overlays (Ceramic Crowns)

White Overlays Enhance Alignment and Color

Overlay is the treatment method of grinding down the teeth to a certain degree and then adding a ceramic crown to enhance the color and shape. This approach is effective in cases when teeth have become discolored or uneven in shape, the colors of existing overlays do not match, when only the roots of a tooth remain or similar instances.
Persons with overlays that fail to match in color, the colors of implant bases have changed, etc.
¥73,000 to ¥146,000
About 2 appointments
Orthodontic Treatment

Use of Orthodontic Appliances to Improve Alignment

Poorly aligned teeth, oblique teeth, imbalanced appearances when smiling and other conditions can be improved with orthodontics, with lovely teeth alignments created. The overall balance of the jaw can be corrected simultaneously to enhance the state of the bite. To deal with these needs, we provide lingual orthodontics from the reverse side of the teeth, “invisalign” (transparent) orthodontic appliances and other approaches.
Persons who have lost confidence in their alignment,
those previously considering orthodontic treatment
but never getting around to taking the next step, etc.
Upper and low jaw corrections: From \360,000 to 880,000 (not including checkup fee) / Adjustment fee: ¥5,500 to ¥6,600(monthly)
1 to 3 years
Ceramic Inlays / Hybrid Inlays

White Inlays Conceal Evidence of Fillings

This is a treatment approach recommended for patients who wish to cover up their silver fillings with white. The ceramic inlays used for this purpose rarely change color, and their hardness prevents them from wearing down even after extended years of use. The hybrid inlay is a version in which small amounts of resin (plastic) are mixed into ceramic. Although they are prone to slightly more discoloration and wear than the full ceramic types, because they have the same adhesiveness with the teeth as ceramic they are also less prone to come off than silver-crowned teeth (and thus resistant to decay).
Persons who received silver crowns on insurance programs and want to have white teeth instead.
¥61,000 to¥85,000
2 appointments or more
Lamination Veneer

Attaching White Plates to Front Teeth for a Beautiful Smile

With this method, the surface of the tooth is lightly ground down by some 0.5 to 0.7 millimeters, with a white ceramic plate then glued into place. The treatment is usually completed after 2 to 3 appointments. With grinding only conducted on the surface of the tooth, the result is a natural and beautiful finish with minimum tooth mass removed. This approach is effective for persons who were born with poorly colored teeth, have grayish teeth resistant to the effects of whitening treatment and other cases.
Those resistant to whitening effects, with poor tooth color from birth,
children of mothers who took pharmaceuticals during their pregnancies, etc.
¥73,000 to ¥146,000
2 appointments or more

Restoring Essential Beauty and Bite, Even when Teeth are Lost

Unlike dentures and other tooth replacements, implants do not need to be removed. Furthermore, because the springs are not visible to the eye, this is also the optimum treatment method for persons who have lost teeth at a young age due to accident or other cause, are having trouble with poor-fitting dentures or other cases. Once in place, implants not only enable you to chew food as if you still had your own teeth, but also provide a natural and highly attractive appearance. In cases when the adjoining teeth remain, highly skilled dental technicians will craft implants with the very same color as those remaining teeth to create an excellent match.

Persons who have lost teeth in accidents or for other reasons,
troubled with poor-fitting dentures, etc. We use world-wide famous implant system(such as Straumann, Astratech)
¥275,000 (operation per tooth) +¥220,000 (superstructure)
New teeth put into place about 2 months after implant surgery.

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