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横須賀の歯科ワンラブデンタルクリニックの矯正治療でつくる 美しい歯並びと健康

横須賀の歯科ワンラブデンタルでの矯正治療は美しい口元を創るだけでなく、 機能的にもよいかみ合わせを作ることで健康な身体をつくります。


Patients receive explanations of their existing alignment and bite, and they are asked about their personal preferences. Consultations are then held on the general treatment policy, duration and other details.

An examination required to proceed with orthodontic treatment is performed.

The results of the exam are analyzed, followed by detailed explanations of the treatment plan, duration and cost. The patient confirms the diagnosis details, and then decides whether to proceed with the treatment.

Removable or fixed appliances are fitted into place, with explanations provided of the devices, their handling and other details.

The patient receives guidance on how to adjust the appliance and properly brush. Patients typically visit the clinic about once a month. The treatment duration varies for each individual, generally ranging from several months to around 2 years.

After treatment is completed and the appliance is removed, the dental alignment is prone to revert to its previous status. To prevent that, patients are fitted with retainers and make regular visits to the clinic until their bite stabilizes. The frequency of these visits is generally once every 3 to 6 months.

Is it too late for adults to choose orthodontic treatment?

If the teeth and gums are healthy, age is not a factor. Recent years have witnessed a swift increase in the numbers of adults wishing to undergo orthodontic treatment. There are two basic types of orthodontic treatment – general (overall) and partial straightening. The general treatment normally requires about 2 years, while partial plans typically extend for several months.

For pediatric orthodontics, from about what age can treatment begin?

Depending upon the type of bite, it is often desirable to begin pediatric orthodontic treatment from around the age of 7 to 9. Because children’s jaws are generally too small to use orthodontic treatment for the purpose of aligning teeth, orthodontic plates or other appliances are utilized to widen their jaws. This procedure causes no change in facial appearance.

Are there orthodontic appliances that people will not become visually aware of?

We offer so-called “invisible orthodontic” treatment (on the reverse side of teeth), mouthpiece correction and other modes of straightening that are difficult for others to see. For pediatric orthodontics, the primary means used is the removable type. Various types of straightening appliances are available to fit the specific pattern of use. At our clinic, we determine and recommend the optimum treatment plan for the condition and wishes of each patient.

Does orthodontic treatment require the removal of any teeth?

To the greatest extent possible, the first priority of this clinic is to devise treatment plans that do not require removal of teeth. Exceptions to this rule, however, may be cases when the difference in the size of the teeth and jaw is considerable, when removing a tooth will improve the balance between the mouth and face and other situations. Upon consultation, such circumstances may lead to the decision to remove teeth as the best option.

Orthodontic Dental Practitioner: Chosei Saito
♦Graduate of Tokyo Medical and Dental University (2002)
♦Studies in Dental Occlusion Function (Orthodontic Science), Tokyo Medical and Dental University (2002-08)
♦Certified physician, Japanese Orthodontic Society
♦Doctor of Dental Science
 Initial Visit/Consultation Fee: Free of charge
 Examination/Diagnosis Fee: ¥10,500 (including tax) Digital X-ray, dental alignment model, oral photography + diagnostic fee


 Children: From ¥178,500 (tax included)
 Adults: From ¥630,000 (tax included)
 Adjustment fees: ¥3,150 to 7,875 per visit


External Side Appliances
(Multi-bracket appliance)

Use of clear brackets and gold wire ensures treatment that excels in aesthetic appearance.


Invisible Braces

Appliances are attached to the reverse side of the teeth, drawing little if any attention to the treatment underway.


Pediatric Orthodontics

For children, the optimum appliances are selected from numerous different types. The choices reflect the specific dental alignment and bite, the stage of the transition to permanent teeth, the timing of jaw growth, personal lifestyle habits and other pertinent factors.


Invisalign (invisible braces)

¥500,000〜¥955,500 (tax included)


Invisalign (mouthpiece type appliances)

“Invisalign” are thin and transparent mouthpiece type orthodontic appliances developed by Align Technology, Inc. of the United States. Because they contain no wire, the compliances are largely “invisible” to the eye. This is an orthodontic treatment highly recommended for patients with concerns about their looks while wearing such aids. Being a clear and removable mouthpiece type appliance, few people will realize the person is wearing any device at all.

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